Introduction to MES5

Following previous conferences that took place in Nottingham (UK, 1998), Montechoro (Portugal, 2000), Helsingør (Denmark, 2002) and Golden Coast (Australia, 2004), we are now pleased to announce the 5th Mathematics Education and Society Conference (MES5).


There is a need for a wider discussion of the social, ethical and political dimensions of mathematics education, for disseminating theoretical frameworks, discussing methodological issues, sharing and discussing research, planning for action and the development of a strong research network on mathematics education and society.

MES5 Conference aims at bringing together mathematics educators from around the world to provide such a forum, as well as to offer a platform on which to build future collaborative activity.
It is expected that topics discussed will be wide-ranging. It is also expected that all issues will have clear and underpinning social/political/cultural/ethical themes. The general topics of the conference are:

  • The politics of mathematics education
  • Cultural and social aspects of lmathematics learning and teaching
  • The sociology of mathematics and mathematics education
  • Alternative research methodologies in mathematics education