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Matos, J. F., Valero, P. & Yasukawa, K. (eds.) in collaboration with Pedro, N. & Perry, P.: Proceedings of the Fifth International Mathematics Education and Society Conference. [pdf] (5Mb)

Plenaries with reactions

Belchior, M.: Making sense of Mr. Peter classroom. [pdf]


Brodie, K.: Describing teacher change: Interactions between teacher moves and learner contributions. [pdf]


Chassapis, D.: Dancing a Viennese waltz to Wittgenstein's notes: A reaction to Ole Ravn Christensen's address. [pdf]


Christensen, O. R.: Order of the world of order of the social: A Wittgensteinian conception of mathematics and its importance for research in mathematics education. [pdf]


de Freitas, E.: Response to: Equity-in- quality: Towards a theoretical framework. [pdf]


Gellert, U.: Wittgenstein in support of a social agenda in mathematics education: Reaction to Ole Ravn Christensen. [pdf]


Gutstein, E.: "Reinventing" Freire: Mathematics education for social transformation. [pdf]


Jurdak, M.: Equity-in-quality: Towards a theoretical framework. [pdf]


Pais, A.: Reinventing school?: Reaction to Eric Gutstein's "Reinventing Freire: Mathematics education for social transformation". [pdf]




Adler, J., Evans, J., Gates, P., Kanes, C., Lerman, S., Morgan, C., Tsatsaroni, A. & Zevenbergen, R.: Social theory and research in MES. [pdf]


Brantlinger, A. & Cooley, L.: No teacher candidate left behind: A study of the largest mathematics alternative certification program in the United States. [pdf]


Domite, M. do C. S., Fantinato, M. C., Gonšalves Costa, W. N. & Mesquita, M.: The social transformation as object of studies and practices. [pdf]


Jablonka, E., Gellert, U., Knipping, C. & Reid, D. A.: The production of legitimate text and stratification of achievement in mathematics classrooms. [pdf]


Matos, J. F., Santos, M., Fernandes, E., Carreira, S., Belchior, M., Pedro, N., Gerardo, H., Mesquita, M., Pais, A., Alves, A. S., Faria, T., Silvia, T., Amado, N., Amorim, I. & Mestre, R.: Learning mathematics and competences: Bringing together three theoretical perspectives. [pdf]


Nolan, K., de Freitas, E., Brown, T., Christensen, O. R., Ernest, P., Graham, S., Stentoft, D. & Valero, P.: A symposium on opening the research text: Critical insights an in(ter)ventions into mathematics education. [pdf]


Project discussions

Brown, T.: Conceptualising improvement in curriculum reform: Against consensus. [pdf]


Gellert, U.: Cognitive academic language in proficiency in primary mathematics classrooms. [pdf]


Graham, S. R. W.: Developing a complex mathematical learning community: (re)considerations of learning/teaching experiences. [pdf]


Guambe, R.: Students' disposition for de-contextualised and algebraic (symbol-based) reasoning in relation to their socio-economic and cultural background in Mozambique. [pdf]


Mutemba, B. & Jablonka, E.: The interpretational space in the curriculum: Intentions and interpretations of mathematical reasoning in the new curriculum for secondary schools in Mozambique. [pdf]


Valero, P.: In between reality and utopia: A socio-political research agenda for mathematics education in situations of conflict and poverty. [pdf]



Anastasiadou, S.: The effects of representational systems on the learning of statistics between greek primary school students and immigrants. [pdf]


Ara˙jo, J. de L.: Contradictions in mathematical modelling activities from a critical mathematics education perspective. [pdf]


Chartres, M.: Are my students engaged with critical mathematics education? [pdf]


Chassapis, D. & Chatzivasileiou, E.: Socio-cultural influences on children's conceptions of chance and probability. [pdf]


Cury, H. N. & Ogliari, L. N.: Critical mathematical education and STS studies: Approaches to discuss a research. [pdf]


Domite, M. do C. S. & Carvalho, V. de: Teacher education and culture: Understanding and asking for changes. [pdf]


Fantinato, M. C. de C. B: Teachers' practice under the ethnomathematical perspective: A study case in young and adult. [pdf]


Fernandes, E.: Rethinking success and failure in mathematics learning: The role of participation. [pdf]


Frade, C. & Faria, D.: Is mathematics learning a process of enculturation or a process of acculturation? [pdf]


Frankenstein, M.: Quantitative form in arguments. Short version [pdf]. Long version [pdf]


de Freitas, E.: Enacting identity through narrative: Interrupting the procedural discourse in mathematics classrooms. [pdf]


Gˇmez, P.: Toward a methodology for exploring mathematics preservice teachers' learning from a sociocultural perspective. [pdf]


Greer, B.: Discounting Iraqi deaths: A societal and educational disgrace. [pdf]


Higginson, W.: Toward a theory of maesthetics: Preliminary considerations of the desirability of bringing an aesthetic perspective to mathematics, education and society. [pdf]


Knijnik, G.: Landless peasants of Southern Brazil and mathematics education: A study of three different language games. [pdf]


Knipping, C., Reid, D. A., Gellert, U. & Jablonka. E.: The emergence of disparity in performance in mathematics classrooms. [pdf]


Lavy, I. & Shriki, A.: Social and didactical aspects of engagement in innovative learning and teaching methods: The case of Ruth. [pdf]


Lerman, S. & Marcou, A.: Are all studies on equity in school mathematics equal? [pdf]


Llewellyn, A.: 'Maths with Sam and Alex': A discussion of choice, control and confidence. [pdf]


Machado, R. & Cesar, M.: Broccoli and mathematics: Students' social representations about mathematics. [pdf]


Matos, J. F., & Santos, M. P. dos: Activity, artefacts and power: Contribution of activity theory and situated learning to the analysis of artefacts in mathematical thinking in practice. [pdf]


Nikolantonakis, K. & Lemonidis, C.: Multiculturalism, history of mathematics and schoolbook of the third class in primary school in Greece. [pdf]


Nolan, K.: Theory- Practice transitions and dis/positions in secondary mathematics teacher education. [pdf]


Pais, A. & Mesquita, M.: If school is like this, there is nothing we can do: Some thoughts. [pdf]


Powell, A. B. & Brantlinger, A.: A pluralistic view of critical mathematics. [pdf]


le Roux, K.: Relevance and access in undergraduate mathematics: Using discourse analysis to study mathematics texts. [pdf]


Savizi, B., Hajjari, T. & Shahvarani, A.: Situated decision making in mathematics education. [pdf]


Shriki, A. & Lavy, I.: Teachers as partners for designing professional development programs. [pdf]


Teles, L. & CÚsar, M.: Batiks: How to learn mathematics a different way and in a particular scenario. [pdf]


Vlachou, M.: The assessment discource of teachers' textbooks in primary school mathematics. [pdf]


Walls, F.: Children talk about mathematics assessment. [pdf]


Walls, F.: "Down in the dark zone": Teacher identity and compulsory standardised mathematics assessment. [pdf]


Yasukawa, K., Widin, J. & Chodkiewicz, A.: The benefits of adults learning numeracy. [pdf]


Zevenbergen, R.: The dilemmas of indigenous education: The passion for ignorance. [pdf]