Symposia & Agora

Symposium A

Domite, M. do C. S., Fantinato, M. C., Gonçalves Costa, W. N. & Mesquita, M.: The social transformation as object of studies and practices. [pdf]


Symposium B

Adler, J., Evans, J., Gates, P., Kanes, C., Lerman, S., Morgan, C., Tsatsaroni, A. & Zevenbergen, R.: Social theory and research in MES. [pdf]


Symposium C

Brantlinger, A. & Cooley, L.: No teacher candidate left behind: A study of the largest mathematics alternative certification program in the United States. [pdf]


Symposium D

Nolan, K., de Freitas, E., Brown, T., Christensen, O. R., Ernest, P., Graham, S., Stentoft, D. & Valero, P.: A symposium on opening the research text: Critical insights an in(ter)ventions into mathematics education. [pdf]


Symposium E

Jablonka, E., Gellert, U., Knipping, C. & Reid, D. A.: The production of legitimate text and stratification of achievement in mathematics classrooms. [pdf]


Symposium F

Matos, J. F., Santos, M., Fernandes, E., Carreira, S., Belchior, M., Pedro, N., Gerardo, H., Mesquita, M., Pais, A., Alves, A. S., Faria, T., Silvia, T., Amado, N., Amorim, I. & Mestre, R.: Learning mathematics and competences: Bringing together three theoretical perspectives. [pdf]


Agora 1


Agora 2

The future of MES